Moles / Age Spots

Overview Of Procedures

Most people have a number of small colored spots on their bodies – moles, freckles, and birthmarks. The average young adult has at least 10 brown moles. A few of these spots are present at birth, while most others develop throughout life. Almost all moles are normal and remain so. However, a change in a mole or other spot on the skin may be the first sign of an early malignant melanoma or other form of skin cancer.

Dermatology Consultants of Dallas will help you determine what is the best course of treatment for your moles and age spots. Some moles and age spots are quickly and easily removed for cosmetic reasons, others for health reasons.

Age spots are often called “liver spots” or “barnacles”. The liver spots refers to the flat brown spots that can occur on the hands and face. The barnacles technically called seborrheic keratoses are rough, may itch and be brown, black or pink.

Seborrheic Keratoses can look unsightly especially if growing on the face. Fortunately, at Dermatology Consultants in Dallas there is an easy treatment to get rid of them. The most common treatment is to freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on to the lesion using a special canister. It is very cold and only performed in the Dermatology office by a Doctor trained in cryosurgery. This treatment hurts a little but there is no lingering pain. The spot will swell, turn red and then form a scab that falls off after one to two weeks. There are different healing times depending on the location of the spot. Seborrheic Keratoses can grow back after treatment and new ones can form. That is why only the spots that look bad cosmetically or itch are treated. It is not practical to treat all Seborrheic Keratoses.


Flat brown spots, also known as liver spots, can also be treated with liquid nitrogen. However, if there are a lot of spots it is best to use the IPL, or photo facial treatment to get rid of them.

Many of our patients complain of facial moles and do not like the way they stick out. The best way to remove a mole from the face that sticks out is to shave it off using a local anesthetic. This procedure gives the best cosmetic result with the least scarring. This mole removal is performed by the Doctor at Dermatology Consultants. We will explain the best after care to insure that you get the best results.


At Dermatology Consultants we are are the experts at removing any growth on the skin. Before any growth is removed it must be evaluated to determine the best method of removal that will leave the least amount of scarring.