Eye Bags/Hooded Eyes

Patients complain of bags under the eyes and droopy upper eyelids. These are common signs of aging and can also be hereditary.

Fillers and Sculptra can be performed under the eyes to minimize the appearance of bags which often look more noticeable when there is loss of fullness in the cheeks.

Neuromodulators can be used to try to lift the eyebrows which will temporarily lift the eyelids as well.

However, at some point the skin of the upper eyelids may become so loose that it will literally completely cover the upper eyelid and sit on the eye lashes. When it gets to that point the best treatment is a procedure called a Blepharoplasty also known as an eye lift.

At Dermatology Consultants in Dallas / Fort Worth the excess upper eye lid skin is removed in the office under a local anesthetic. The so-called “bags” are actually fat under the eyes and this can also be removed using a local anesthetic .

Thermage, of the face, can also lift the eyebrows. This procedure is done in the office and there is no downtime associated with it.