Eyelid Surgery & Rejuvenation

“You look tired.”

How many times have you heard that from ‘sympathetic’ friends? And you’ve never felt better!

Your eyes tell a story about you. Sometimes it is a fiction, sometimes a biography. But you should be able to look great when you feel great, right?

Well, you can. You can give your eyes that more youthful spark, and change that story. Blepharoplasty is the number one choice for eyelid surgery in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Southlake area, and for the physicians at Dermatology Consultants.

Blepharoplasty can correct sagging eyelids, wrinkles, and puffiness, with very little downtime and risk. Of course, you should not trust just anyone to perform this sensitive surgery. Happily, you can trust the specialists at Dermatology Consultants. We have gone through extensive specialized training in this procedure, learning techniques that provide you with the uttermost in care.

Safety is our number one concern. Under our expertise, your eyelid rejuvenation can be accomplished with absolutely no general anesthesia, which can have very unpleasant aftereffects that last for weeks – not to mention much greater risk. By using simple local anesthetic, we have eliminated those factors. We only use the finest precision instruments for this procedure, so we are able to deliver natural results that give your eyes the look that tells everyone you feel great.

Oftentimes, blepharoplasty is combined with resurfacing to soften fine lines and crepiness around the eyes. There are many ways to accomplish this – our treatment of choice is the Rhytec Portrait PSR. You can find out more about it here.

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Eyelid Surgery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is blepharoplasty?
Blepharoplasty is a term that is used to describe eyelid surgery. There are many things that can be accomplished with blepharoplasty, including the removal of excess skin, and in some cases little fat pads that make the eyes look puffy.

How is blepharoplasty performed?
At Dermatology Consultants, we use highly specialized precision instruments to carry out the procedure. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and we have found that using a very tiny electric needle to make our incisions allows us to be accurate and exact during the surgery. In some cases, some eyelash-thin sutures are used to bring skin edges together, and these stay in one week.

What is the down time?
Working around the extremely sensitive eye area can cause some swelling and bruising. Those who do not have much public exposure in their occupations can get by with just a few days off work. Many times working from home is an option, and can be done fairly easily after about 3 days. Bruising can last for a couple of weeks.

Does the procedure hurt?
With the use of numbing drops in the eyes, and local anesthetic for the skin around them, the procedure is only mildly uncomfortable. Our friendly and caring staff is always available to ease any anxieties.

How long does the procedure take?
From start to finish, blepharoplasty can be accomplished in as little as 90 minutes, but can take a little bit longer in some cases.

Eyelid Surgery & Rejuvenation