1540 Nonablative Fractionated Resurfacing Laser

1540 Nonablative Fractionated Laser at Dermatology Consultants in Dallas

Resurfacing lasers rejuvenate the skin by removing its upper layers. In varying degrees, these lasers improve the appearance of the face by diminishing age spots and softening wrinkles and fine lines.  While harsher ablative lasers are oftentimes more effective they are also associated with more side effects, complications, and a longer recovery time.

The 1540 laser is also good for treating scars due to acne or other causes.   The gentler nonablative lasers allow for quicker healing with minimal downtime and low risk.  Multiple treatments with the gentler laser is required to see results but since the downtime is minimal this is still preferable, particularly since the softening of acne scars does not appear to be any better with the ablative treatment.   For both treatments improvement in acne scars is about 50% at best. The patient needs to have a realistic expectation.  Further improvement in acne scars can be achieved by combining laser treatment with fillers where appropriate.  There are no treatments that can guarantee 100% improvement in acne scars.  For the best results a package of six 1540 treatments separated a month apart are recommended.

For the treatment of aging skin with signs of sun damage, such as discoloration, redness, wrinkles and lines we have found that combining the IPL with the 1540 nonablative fractionated laser at the same time  gives the best results and requires fewer treatments.  At Dermatology Consultants in Dallas we have named this the LLR: Light, laser Rejuvenation.  We recommend a package of three treatments to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin texture and appearance.