Neck Rejuvenation – Turkey Neck / Double Chin

At Dermatology Consultants we have the treatment for the dreaded turkey neck and the double chin.

For wrinkles and loose skin of the neck we combine several different treatments.

Neck wrinkles can be softened with neuromodulators and fillers. Loose neck skin can be tightened with Venus Freeze and/or Thermage. Combining these treatments give the best results.

Fat under the chin can be removed with Kybella® and/or liposuction. After the fat is removed the skin will tighten up on its own or even better results can be achieved by combining Kybella or liposuction with Venus Freeze. Maintenance treatments with Venus Freeze prevent the skin from getting loose over time.

Dr Maris’s mini lift performed in the office under local anesthetic also improves the turkey neck, jowls and double chin. He can combine the mini lift with liposuction for patients with jowls and double chin.