1540 fractional nonablative laser

January 9, 2014

Winter time is the ideal time to invest in a series of laser treatments designed to freshen up the skin and improve texture and fine lines. Combining these treatments with fillers and Botox or Dysport really keeps the face looking good.

The 1540 fractional nonablative laser creates microcolumns in the skin which encourage new collagen formation. In the past, ablative lasers were used that removed the entire surface of the skin which resulted in a smoother skin surface but took two weeks to heal. During this time no makeup could be worn and the patient was confined to the home taking care of the healing skin which would ooze and require a lot of care. The risks of scarring and loosing pigment in the skin were also greater with these treatments. With the newer "nonablative" technologies similar results can be achieved without the downtime and risks. After a treatment the skin is a little swollen and red but makeup can be applied immediately and normal activities resumed. The redness and swelling usually resolves within three days.

Applying moisturizer to the skin helps it to heal. Winter time is ideal because it is best not to expose the treated skin to intense sun rays and it is a good time to moisturizer.