October 25, 2017

Chemical Peels. What do they do? Who needs them? Are they worth the money? These are common questions we get from patients during cosmetic consults. In this blog, we will go over all of the benefits of a light chemical peel and which patient will ultimately get the most out of it.

The peel we’ll highlight today is the ADVANCED CORRECTIVE PEEL by Skin Ceuticals. Unlike peels of the past that left the patient under cover for several days, avoiding sunlight and unable to leave their house, the technology in the Advanced Corrective Peel has far exceeded the expectations of its predecessors.

What is the Advanced Corrective Peel? It’s a light blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids with an added boost of phenyl-ethyl resorcinol. These three clinical grade chemicals create the perfect trifecta that target pigmentation, effectively renewing the skin’s surface texture and unveiling an overall brighter, more clarified even skin tone! For best results, the peel is offered in a series of four treatments, with each treatment one month apart.

Who will benefit from this treatment? Those patients who are showing mild to moderate signs of aging, stubborn discoloration, and uneven tone and texture. The most exciting advantage of this peel when compared to others is that it’s ideal for all skin types.

How long will the procedure take and what’s the down time? The application of the peel should only take around 20 minutes. Our esthetician will cleanse your skin and perform a very light microdermabrasion to help with the absorption of the peel. She will then apply 1-2 layers of the acid complex and a layer of sunscreen and then send you on your way! The Advanced Corrective Peel is self-neutralizing, so there is no need to wash the peel off before you leave the office. You can expect a mild tingling sensation as the peel is applied. The skin may appear red and feel sensitive. In the days following the peel, some patients may experience flaking and a possible darkening of surface pigment that will flake off. This process may last up to 6 days after the peel is applied. It is very important that an SPF of 30 or higher is applied daily to the treated areas during the healing phase.

The biggest question of all….How much does it cost? We offer the Advanced Corrective Peel in a package of four treatments for $400.00 (each treatment done one month apart). Or if purchased individually, the price of each peel is $125.00.

It’s as simple as that! If you have more questions or feel you would benefit from the service, please call our office and one of our experienced staff members will happily assist you!


By: Melissa Nolte-Enos, LVN

Dermatology Consultants