A Dermatology Practice’s Perspective on miraDry

November 14, 2012

A young woman in the dance troupe can’t focus on choreography because she’s worrying about her sweaty underarms. A pastor giving a Sunday sermon drenches his shirt and sport coat. A physician’s assistant gets yellow armpit stains on her white lab coat and has to replace it – 15 times!

Aside from their experiences with uncomfortable, annoying sweat, each of these people has something else in common, too – they are now free from embarrassing underarm perspiration thanks to miraDry.

After treating numerous patients with miraDry, “We haven’t had anybody not satisfied,” says Dr. Nicole Hartsough of Hartsough Dermatology in Loves Park, Ill. In fact, many patients have driven two-and-a-half hours to receive the miraDry treatment at Hartsough’s clinic. “They come to us having done their research and ready to get started."

“For people with excessive underarm sweating [hyperhidrosis],” Zimmerman adds, “especially people who want and need to get up confidently in front of others, this problem affects them everyday. Sweat is commonly seen as a weakness. If you sweat a lot, you may come off as not knowing what you are doing or being insecure. You can’t let your true personality come out.”

The miraDry procedure uses targeted, noninvasive electromagnetic energy to safely eliminate underarm sweat glands and clinical studies show an 82% average reduction in sweating. Speak to a miraDry specialists with Dallas Derm