The Mini-Lift – Questions and Answers

February 22, 2011

In our last blog post, we described our exclusive mini-lift procedure, and received a few question from readers:

How we are able to get such a natural-looking result from our mini-lift procedure?

Because of the way the tissues and skin are tailored to the hairline and areas around the ears, the results are so natural that a surgical appearance is almost unheard of. Since all tension is handled by hidden sutures beneath the surface, we have hardly any incidents of spreading of the scars or a tell-tale sign of more conventional face-lifting.

If a person has fullness in their neck and jowl areas, we often combine the procedure with localized micro-liposuction, again done totally with local anesthesia. Our office has been featured on Channel 8 news showing a combination of these procedures.

Am I too old for this procedure?

Depending on one’s genetic makeup, the procedure could be indicated as a conservative treatment in the late 30s, or because of the low risk, my oldest patient has been 86 years old.

What is the recovery time? And is it suitable for men?

The relatively quick recovery of one to two weeks also makes it ideal for men.

How much does this procedure cost?

The cost compares quite favorably to conventional surgery, with the normal fee of $7,500 if the lift is combined with neck liposuction, and $6,500 if the lift by itself is all that is required.

If this sounds appealing, I would love to talk to you in consultation and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.