MiraDry System 2 Year Results Point to Permanent Sweat Reduction

December 15, 2014

Long-Term Results Point to Permanent Sweat Reduction

It is my pleasure to share with you the results of recently published 2-year data showing that miraDry efficacy observed at 30 days remains stable through 2 years. Since sweat and odor glands do not regenerate, these results are expected to be permanent. This is a tremendous breakthrough, not only for excessive sweaters, but for anyone who manages nuisance sweat and odor. Everyone sweats, but now, with miraDry, your patients can choose not to.

The study published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery reported1:

  • Greater than 90% efficacy
  • 70% reduction in the number of patients reporting problematic odor
  • Greater than 90% of patients had a dramatic improvement in quality of life based on DLQI score reduction
  • Among the highest patient satisfaction of any aesthetic procedure


Since its launch, the miraDry system has been used in over 30,000 treatments worldwide and currently boasts a 90% patient satisfaction rating in commercial use, among the highest of all aesthetic procedures.

Efficacy and patient satisfaction drive your success. We at Miramar Labs are committed to our customers' success and will continue to develop high efficacy, innovative products like the miraDry system that address unmet patient needs in the aesthetic market.