January 25, 2017

For 2-3 years, we have been having considerable success treating women with our ReGenerix line of products that includes a day cream, night cream and eye cream. The primary intent of this advanced ,peptide technology is to rejuvenate the skin, especially with establishing new collagen growth. There is also an enzyme inhibitor to keep the breakdown process of collagen to a minimum. We have felt a strong need to have a men’s version of ReGenerix, but we all knew that men would probably only apply one product once a day at a maximum! Because of this, the concentration of the peptide and protease inhibitors were doubled to achieve this purpose. All of the properties of the previous three products were included in one.
Now we have seen a new surge in women using this product, both from a cost effective standpoint as well as ease of use. Since women are typically comfortable using both a morning and evening application, we are now achieving four times the effective concentration.
When I personally started using the men’s version, called QXP, I was able to detect an improvement in the fine line contours and pigment blotchiness of my skin after the end of only one week of regular treatment! This is at least eight times faster than we can normally detect a change using products such as this. Our only issue now is to make sure that women are not intimidated by having the product labeled “Men” on the front, yes, we are indeed convincing men that there is great value to using a facial rejuvenation product! – Michael L. Maris, M.D.