Sculptra aesthetic

April 15, 2011

Sculptra® Aesthetic comes in vials and contains 367.5 mg of poly -L-lactic acid micro particles. The vials are mixed with sterile water before use. The average patient requires three to four vials to achieve improvement. The vials are injected over at least three separate treatment sessions separated by four to eight weeks between sessions. For example, two vials may be injected the first session and the the patient returns after four weeks and one vial is injected and then the patient waits another four weeks and the fourth and final vial is injected. Gradually over time the patient will start to notice improvement in their facial appearance. Friends and family will start commenting on how good they look without knowing that anything was done. Studies show that on average improvement peaks at nine to ten months after the first treatment session and lasts at least two years, if not longer.