Tech Neck

March 25, 2016

butterflyWhat is “Tech Neck”? Although it sounds like the latest smart device to hit the market, it isn’t. “Tech Neck” is a new term to simply describe the over use of neck muscles that occurs through repetitive viewing of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Every time you glance down at your iPhone or browse on your tablet, you are tilting your neck and essentially ruining its muscles and causing premature sagging and wrinkling. This is becoming a common problem for both men and women. Patients as young as 35 years old are starting to complain of wrinkled and sagging skin on their necks and wondering what the cause is, and more importantly, how to fix it. Although it is unrealistic to think that people will stop taking selfies or looking down at their phones, there is a solution!

The Venus Freeze is a revolutionary device that delivers deep-penetrating radio frequency energy and utilizes magnetic field therapy to stimulate new collagen. Through a series of 20 minute sessions, the Venus Freeze painlessly heats up the tissue and stimulates the cells called fibroblasts (responsible for collagen) and uses magnetic field therapy to direct the energy correctly, so it goes exactly where it needs to without damaging the outer layer of your skin.

Many patients say the treatment feels like a hot stone massage and is very relaxing. For optimal results, the average patient will require 6-8 treatments. To maintain those results a maintenance treatment is recommended every 3 months.  Other important components of keeping the neck skin looking healthy and supple is avoiding direct sun exposure, wearing a daily SPF, and keeping the neck moisturized with a nightly application of glycolic acid or a peptide complex, such as our Regenerix Night Cream.


By Melissa Nolte Enos, LVN