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Sculptra aesthetic

April 15, 2011

Sculptra® Aesthetic comes in vials and contains 367.5 mg of poly -L-lactic acid micro particles. The vials are mixed with sterile water before use. The average patient requires three to four vials to achieve improvement. The vials are injected over at least three separate treatment sessions separated by four to eight weeks between sessions. For … Continue reading “Sculptra aesthetic”

Mini-Lift wins nationwide contest

March 8, 2011

Recently, The Aesthetic Guide, which is the leading aesthetic practice resource trade journal, offered a nationwide contest to physicians who performed cosmetic surgery. The theme of the contest was “Aesthetic Patient Enhancement” and physicians were invited to send before-and-after photographs on their successes. Best Facial RejuvenationI offered one of the examples of our mini-lift and … Continue reading “Mini-Lift wins nationwide contest”